PLAYLIST: Leadin' Ladies

MIYA FOLICK by Waverly Mandel.

MIYA FOLICK by Waverly Mandel.

Over the past year or so we've frequently been adding to a lengthy playlist and decided it was time for a refresher post, a little update. The 'Leadin Ladies' playlist is a mix of some of the women that we listen to on all occasions. Whether they provide a kick in your step on your commute to work, a little more groove in the evening or a touch more soul on your Sunday - it's often really nice to see the world through a fellow female gaze. 

That said, I'm not overly fond of splitting up music between genders. If it's great music I'll listen to it, gender should be of zero relevance. This is more a mood thing, a little moment of empowerment because there are just too many excellent female musicians out there at the moment, and they're killing it. 

As always, it's a mix of old faves who we are entirely loyal to and emerging artists from around the globe. Please note, there's definitely a few men adding to the magic here - it's just that the ladies are up front and centre. Swoon away to the below.


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