Austin's Hovvdy Announce New Album & Share Lead Single 'Petal'

HOVVDY by Bronwyn Walls.

HOVVDY by Bronwyn Walls.

As I awoke in Sydney to the sound of heavy rain, I felt a certain sense of comfort knowing that nature was getting a healthy soaking before the harsh summer hits hard. It's the first time it's happened in months. It's strange how sometimes things typically thought of as gloomy can unexpectedly provide such a sense of joy.

I only recount my morning with detail as it helps to articulate the feeling of extreme comfort when listening to Hovvdy's new single 'Petal' - it's not the happiest of sounds but it feels good. The Austin duo, Charlie Martin and Will Taylor, create laid-back bedbroom pop that hits you right in the feels. Every. Single. Time. It's gentle and melodic, with just enough edge to ensure that DIY touch still shines through.

The single comes with the news of their new album Cranberry which is set for release 9th February via Double Double Whammy. It's the follow up to last year's delightful debut Taster (via Sports Day Records). 

Or come to think of it, maybe it was just the sunny video for the track that brought all the warm vibes, not the long awaited rainfall in Sydney. Watch below.

Cranberry is set for release 9th February via Double Double Whammy.



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