Miya Folick Shares New Single 'Trouble Adjusting'



In 2015, Miya Folick released a song called ‘I Got Drunk’, a song that you couldn’t help but have on repeat (for almost two years). 2016’s ‘Pet Body’ worked to similar effect.

A few weeks back, whilst watching that really bad (but also really good) teen drama 13 Reasons Why, a familiar voice appeared in the background. It was Miya Folick’s ‘Talking With Strangers’ playing at a very poignant moment in the series. It reinforced just how powerful her music is.

Now it's 2017 and Miya Folick has just released the first single from her upcoming ‘Give It To Me’ EP (via Terrible Records). Staying true to her sincere approach, ‘Trouble Adjusting’ is another honest recount of her life and its persistent challenges. Folick’s voice has a shaking vulnerability that immediately draws you in. Her vocal range drifts from the prettiest to the grittiest, while the persistent drums provide the foundations. Chaotic at times, her new single is just as dynamic as the ones that preceded it and we can’t wait to hear more. Keep telling it like it is, Miya.




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