Listen to Briana Marela's Stunning New Single 'Quit'

BRIANA MARELA by Eleanor Petry.

BRIANA MARELA by Eleanor Petry.

Seattle native Briana Marela has announced the release of her second LP Call It Love by revealing its daring first single ‘Quit’.

Marela’s experimental approach is a unique one. Her stunning vocals always seem to soften the most dramatic of beats, ending up with something really quite profound. Her latest track is a synth heavy, ambient swirl built on heartbreak and simple drumbeats. Her emotion is so authentically intertwined in the sound - you can feel the drama inflame as she calmly repeats ‘You quit calling my name, you quit’.

If this track is anything to go by, Marela's follow up to 2015's All Around Us will be just as honest and powerful. If anything, slightly darker.

Call It Love is set for release August 4th via Jagjaguwar.