RENDEZVOUS: A Quick Catch Up With Dream Wife

"We like to call our inner unit a power trio. There's an incredible solidarity within Dream Wife, playing music and rocking out together does feel powerful... I hope other women can see some kind of strength in us standing together, when they see us play. I hope they feel like they could do something or be something they always wanted to."

DREAM WIFE by Hollie Fernando.

DREAM WIFE by Hollie Fernando.

London-based trio Dream Wife create dynamic pop-rock with meaning. They're unique, vibrant and way ahead of the game. Made up of members from the UK and Iceland, they've combined their individual cultural experiences to cultivate an aesthetic which is just as powerful as their sound. If you like fun, individuality and a little hit of sass, then Dream Wife might just be your new favourite band. We had a quick catch up to chat art, girl power, their debut album (and also got some subtle hints at a trip down under). Stay tuned.

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How long have you been making music together as Dream Wife?

We formed Dream Wife when we were art students in Brighton, at that point the band was very open and fluid in what it could be or become. This was a really liberating way of working. We honed in on what Dream Wife could actually be, as a band through writing songs and a real love of playing live together. Especially this past year, we’ve been writing so much for our debut album (that’s almost ready!), constantly touring and getting to see these songs come to life with the crowd. 

The band has a beautiful aesthetic - bright, futuristic and interesting. Do you find inspiration from fashion and art?

We are lucky to be part of a incredibly vibrant and creative scene here in London, our friends and collaborators are constantly inspiring us in regard to this aesthetic expression.  All three of us Wives are also visual artists so aesthetic considerations have always been important to us. Considering and utilising the aesthetics of a band and having fun with your visual output feels empowering and vital to our process. I don't think we could have made this band in any other way, we are constantly inspired by sources outside of music as well, so it's really great Dream Wife allows for this all around creative flow.

What’s the writing/recording process like for you - how do you turn an idea into an actual song? Is it quite collaborative?

Usually one of us will bring an idea to the practice room, and we will jam it through and figure out what works together in a room. However, the spooky part of this story is that no matter what idea was brought into the room, the song always magically changes into a Dream Wife song as soon as it's brought together with all three of us playing it. Maybe it's witchcraft. Can’t have one without the other. 

The process of us understanding a song collectively after writing it is actually quite sweet. Maybe we will chat about the lyrical meaning as it evolves, how we feel when each part kicks in. You develop a relationship with the songs both personally and as a unit and discovering that can be really exciting. Even further down the line, you realise that certain parts were written because of an event that was in your mind or an influence from an album that you were listening to at that time.

‘I am not my body I am somebody' is probably one of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard. As a female trio, are you conscious of portraying three powerful women via your music?

We like to call our inner unit a POWER TRIO. There is an incredible solidarity within Dream Wife, playing music and rocking out together does feel powerful. We have been on such a crazy and unpredictable journey so far, and through the highs and lows you support each other through, as friends, as band mates and as women. You experience quite extreme moments together and I hope other women can see some kind of strength in us standing together, when they see us play. I hope they feel like they could do something or be something they always wanted to. And overall enjoy themselves too. 

I was fortunate enough to catch one of your live shows in London. It was super high energy. How important is maintaining that element of theatrics when you’re on stage?

Playing a rock show is dramatic and theatrical by nature, and when we play we go into a zone. Maybe it's adrenaline, but the energy is just there and you have to ride it out. Also the audience have a lot to do with it. If they’re loving it, you’re loving it. A bowl of adrenaline coming from each part of the room. We definitely feed off each other's energies as well.

Do you think it’s helped making music with people from different backgrounds - Iceland and the UK? 

We've learnt a lot from each other, having had experiences tied to specifically different environments or cultures; this is always feeding into Dream Wife. It feels healthy and a positive dynamic to have different attitudes and understandings come together.

Since you all met while studying art. Who are some local artists from London that you’re loving at the moment?

There are so many! That’s the beauty of living in this city, people coming from all over to make things and are open to collaboration. Artists like Elle Hardwick, Meg Lavender, Francesca Allen, Aidan Zamiri and Alexandra Russo to name just a few have really inspired us, we can't get enough. Also Maisie Cousins is a total dream babe and just had her first solo show in London that was incredible, we love her.  

What’s plans for the rest of 2017? Any trips to Australia on the cards?

We have a headline tour of the UK coming up in October so we're super excited about that! Keep your ears open Australia because we might just be headed your way in the not too distant future...

Finally, we know you all have an ear for good music. How do you go on the dance floor?

We rip it up. 

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