Listen to Omni's New Single 'Equestrian'



Atlanta trio Omni have released a speedy new track, 'Equestrian'. It's short, sweet and packed full to the brim with post-punk goodness.

Omni is made up of Philip Frobos, Frankie Broyles (formerly of Deerhunter) and Doug Bleichner. Their sound is disjointed and jarring on one hand, and then smooth and melodic on the other. That's where the genius stems from - their ability to seamlessly blend intriguing rawness with groovy pop hooks. They also position themselves as really likeable and relatable band lyrically, 'You can't afford it / You know you're worth it'. We've all been there, most of us are still there.

Get around the warm, upbeat bass below. A small request, let's all love them dearly so we can convince them to visit Australia in the not too distant future - what a live performance it would be.

Omni are set to release their Multi-task LP in September via Trouble In Mind Records, the follow up to 2016's brilliant debut Deluxe.




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