Listen to Saatsuma’s Illuminating New Single ‘Crescent’

SAATSUMA by Amy Woodward.

SAATSUMA by Amy Woodward.

Melbourne duo SAATSUMA have kicked off the week with a brand new single ‘Crescent’. It’s another delightfully dark teaser from their debut album Overflow which is set for release early next month.

Exploring the mysteries of the moon and the power it has over us, lead vocalist Memphis Kelly takes us on an intricate journey with her soft, considered vocals. Production is ramped up a notch on this track with Cesar Rodrigues dabbling in a few more danceable moments. The bigger drops perfectly balance out Kelly’s haunting vocals, and the synth really pushes the urge to move.

Dare to indulge below. Don't forget to mark September 1st release date in your iCal too - from what we've heard so far, Overflow is going to be a special debut.



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