Volumes 2017: Five Artists to Get Down Early For on Saturday

HIDEOUS SUN DEMON by George Foster.

HIDEOUS SUN DEMON by George Foster.

It's almost upon us, just a few more days until we're standing on Oxford Street wondering which wonderful band to see next. With close to 50 bands and DJs taking over four different stages, VOLUMES is guaranteed to be good vibes. 

Although we’re super pumped to see the likes of Gold Class, ORION, Genesis Owusu, Gauci and more later on in the day, we’re also extremely keen to catch some of the earlier sets too. Here's a little list of the bands you should leave pre drinks early to catch:


Huntly - 5:30PM (The Cliff Dive)


Exhibitionist - 4:45PM (Brighton Up Bar)


Sunscreen - 3:30PM (OAF Main)


Hatchie - 4:30PM (OAF Main)


Hideous Sun Demon - 5:00PM (OAF Gallery)

 That should kick off the day pretty nicely! Bring on the weekend. Final tickets available here.




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