RENDEZVOUS: A Quick Catch Up With Kevin Morby

"I try to play every day. Piano, guitar - whatever. Just to be sitting with the tools needed to allow the magic to take place." 



Formerly a member of psych-folk outfit Woods and co-founder of The Babies, we first fell for Kevin Morby's stunning artistry after hearing the song 'Miles, Miles, Miles' back in 2013. Since then he's released three more solo albums and to be frank, things just keep getting better. His poetic storytelling ability, combined with his honest vocals and 'cool cat' charm land him firmly on our list of favourite musicians. We had a mini catch up to find out about his latest LP City Music, his dancing inspo and when he'll be bringing that energetic live show down under.

As always, please press play below before reading on.


From Harlem River to City Music, it feels like location has a big influence on your sound. Would you say that you’re always conscious/very observant of what's going on around you?

Yes, I think most songwriters are. Eventually my surroundings, in one form or another, always make it into my music. I like to believe that I am connected to what's happening around me at all times. Im a Midwesterner - we are very aware and conscious of whatever situation we happen to be in at any given time. 

What's your creative process like?

I try to play every day. Piano, guitar - whatever. Just to be sitting with the tools needed to allow the magic to take place. 

Your songs are often arranged in a very dynamic manner. What are some of the most interesting recording techniques or instruments you used on City Music?

We recorded the bulk of it live as a band in one room. I think that's the magic for this record. Learning the songs before going into the studio, but not mastering them - still letting them develop as we went along. 

One of the most intriguing things about your lyrics is that you seem to be totally fearless when it comes to articulating your emotional experience. Would you say making music is a means of therapy for you? Do you ever feel vulnerable when writing?

I do feel vulnerable at times, and when I do - I usually know I'm onto something or tapping into a part of myself that people seem to relate to. Music is my preferred form of therapy. Always has been. 

Your live shows are super energetic. How important is it to maintain that element of theatrics?

It's important. I like the live show to drive harder than the record, to keep people interested. 

Any local musicians you can recommend for us to listen to, that you’re loving at the moment?

In LA - Shannon Lay and Anna St. Louis.

What's on for the remainder of 2017. Any chance you’ll be gracing us with your presence down under?

Hopefully in the new year! 

Finally, you obviously have an ear for music, how do you go on the dance floor?

I close my eyes and pretend I'm a beautiful woman, that's my secret to dancing. 

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