RENDEZVOUS: A Quick Catch Up With Noire

"When I’m writing, it’s definitely about creating the right mood or atmosphere more than what’s being said. I think about what the feeling would look like visually and write that way."

NOIRE by Blair Gauld.

NOIRE by Blair Gauld.


Sydney-based duo Noire make romantic dream-pop that’s bursting with glittering guitar and smooth vocals. It’s a dreamy blend of bluesy psychedelia with some extra chic visuals to boot. We had a mini catch up with lead singer Jessica Mincher to chat about their recent trip to Paris, what it’s like making music as a couple and the recording of their debut album.

Some Kind of Blue is set for release September 29th via Spunk Records.


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If I could attempt to summarise your sound in its simplest form, I might describe it as ‘romantic fuzz’. Would you say that you’re much of a romantic, outside of making music? 

Ah that’s a nice way to describe it, thank you! Today we went hiking in Switzerland, drunk Aperol under the mountains and then I made Billy massage my feet, ha! Is that romantic? 

Speaking of romance, you recently performed at Club Silencio in Paris. How did that opportunity come about and how did it go?

Oh yeah it was so good, the interiors were really something! The smoking area was a glass box inside the venue filled with dead trees - it looked like a hazy dead forest. We’ve been wanting to go there for years and when we knew we were coming to Europe I just sent them an email hoping for the best! Our label had already helped organise a show for us with French magazine Les Inrocks, which I think is quite popular so that definitely helped.  

Both your sound and visuals feel very aligned, does that stem from you being so into/inspired by film? 

When I’m writing it’s definitely about creating the right mood or atmosphere more than what’s being said. I think about what the feeling would look like visually and write that way. It definitely helps when it comes to making a music video that we have so many films we love - we watch too many movies! 

Can you tell us a bit about the recording process for your debut LP ‘Some Kind of Blue’?

We demo’d all the songs up in Amamoor and took them to our producer Wayne Connolly. We spent three days at Turning Studios in Sydney with him tracking the live band and overdubbing vocals but ended up using a lot of the original demo takes. After that, we went up to The Music Farm in Byron where Wayne had relocated his Neve and was re-building the old studio there. The place has some incredible music history, having held sessions from Youthu Yindi, Cold Chisel, Midnight Oil, Olivia Newton John and Kylie Minogue. We spent about four days mixing the record and then it was done.

What do you think making music with your partner adds to the creative process/output?

I don’t know if it adds anything (ha) but it makes it easier for me to be honest and I feel like because we spend all our time together we both have the same ideas on where we want to go. We never seem to be divided on where we want to go with a song. 

You wrote much of your album at a farm up in Queensland. What’s different about writing in remote areas as compared to writing the city? Is it easier to focus?

Not having a job was the big factor, that’s all that helped really. We were both working full time, and on-top of playing shows we were getting absolutely nothing done. I think it was easier to focus in Queensland because there's less to do than in Sydney. Also just having so much psychical space was really nice. You could write in so many areas - in the house or anywhere on the 200 acres outside and still be completely alone. 

The world’s a slightly strange place in 2017, with dreamy music like yours being a lovely escape. Is there a particular message you’re trying to get across with your music at all?

There’s no message that we’re intentionally putting across. Hopefully it’s projecting some kind of beauty and hopefulness to anyone who maybe can't see it yet.

Finally, you obviously have an ear for music. How do you go on the dance floor?

My dancing education stopped at the Macarena so you could say I'm pretty terrible. Billy has some moves though!


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