PHOTO TIME: Parcels @ Oxford Art Factory, 11.01.18

PARCELS by Paigge Frankie.

PARCELS by Paigge Frankie.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Paigge Frankie.

WORDS: Kylie O'Connell.

Byron Bay's Parcels are doing pretty damn well for themselves. They left Australia for Berlin after just 6 months of being in a band together. Since then they've signed to Kitsune, supported Phoenix and recorded with Daft Punk - it's been a speedy trajectory to success.

We caught them in late 2016 at Selina's in Coogee, a performance that has just as much energy and just as much hair a little over a year later. Yet, this return to home soil marked something different and their international status was met with a diverse international crowd too. From the very first track 'Myenemy', their fans knew every word. This is a group of young guys who were stoked to be home, and an audience that were excited to see them. Although, it hasn't all been smooth adjusting, "I wish I had some shorts, it's so hot in here."

Parcels 2.jpg
Parcels 1.jpg

Jazzy interludes highlighted their sense of groove, with that element of funk drifting below everything they do. As a live performance, they really allow the instrumentals do the talking. That, combined with their individual steeze and overflowing energetic dance moves, it's no wonder they're the talk of the town. 

Have a look for yourselves below.

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