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Each Sunday we'll be shining light on an emerging artist who knows how to keep things chill. No more scrounging around for something lovely to listen to on a Sunday afternoon - we've got you covered.

Kicking things off is Austin-based artist Santiago Dietche. Performing as Daphne Tunes, he just released his 'Volume 1' EP last week via Two Moons Tapes. It's a collection of six tracks that'll suck you in and force you to dissolve into the delightful hope of it all.

Dietche's smooth vocals are the driving force, with his delicate lyrics shining bright above soft percussion and glittering guitars - 'I've got to tell you all of my good news'. Although each song finds a way to glow, there's an underlying melancholic mood that only adds to that breezy Sunday feeling.

As with a lot of the music that comes out of Austin, there's a real DIY charm at play. Often proving that less is more. Indulge in the good stuff below.

Key tracks:  all my life, bagpacking (but they're all well worth a listen tbh).

Deafen County