PREMIERE: Sydney’s Midlife Share Uplifting Debut Single ‘Kavorka’



Today we’re very pleased to introduce Sydney’s newest six-piece, Midlife. You may already recognise a few of their faces as members of the late band Low Lux. This new project is every bit as infectious as the one that came before it - glimmering guitars, warming vocals and well-layered percussion. It’s all there, just with a bright new perspective.

At just two minutes and thirty-six seconds, ‘Kavorka’ immediately kicks you into a real state of ease. From the very first moments, the grit of the guitar is balanced out by stunning harmonies and the mood is set. Then suddenly, the bass kicks in and you realise you’re here for a good time too.

Lead singer Josh Bush said of the track, “It was actually the first song I wrote once the band got together. Everything else we had worked on previously were older songs of mine or things we had come up with together in rehearsal. It was a big change going from drums to singing in a band and I wasn't feeling completely confident about it all, or sure of what I was supposed to be doing. I have drummed behind some amazingly captivating singers over the years but once it's you, the nerves can really set in. Kavorka is about brushing off those nerves and just going for it.”

Their debut track is accompanied by an inspiring new clip too. Directed and produced by the band themselves (and sourced via, the video is quite literally a global gathering of dance moves from across the world. Featuring contributors from Russia, Nigeria, India, Jamaica, Serbia and more, it’s guaranteed to put a little pep in your step.

Midlife are set to release a string of new songs in the coming months, so keep an eye out for more summer vibes to follow. Until then, get stuck into the catchy pop-rock goodness below.

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