Deafen Dissection: 'In Cahoots' By Crepes



Welcome to Deafen Dissection, a warm (and enjoyable) place where we get some of our favourite artists to tell us about their wonderful new albums, instead of reading or writing a review. If it’s here, it’s usually because we love it - but let’s hear what the musicians have to say for themselves. Next up is Melbourne-via-Ballarat band Crepes and their glorious new album In Cahoots. We’ve been rather open about our love for this five-piece and their lush, magical rock sounds, so we’re not about to stop now. Let’s delve a little deeper into the new release with vocalist Tim Karmouche.

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Band: Crepes

Album name: In Cahoots

Released: 26.10.2018

Record Label: Spunk Records

Producer: John Lee, Zach Schneider & Crepes

Where was the bulk of the album written?

A lot of the album was written down in Cape Otway, Victoria.

Where did you record the album? (studio, location)

Phaedra Studio’s, Coburg.

How long did the album take to bring to life?

About 6 months from writing to finished product, which is record speed for Crepes! We started writing/recording at the end of last year (2017).

What’s the weirdest recording technique you used throughout?

Maybe treating the Grand Piano at Phaedra so it sounded real clunky/tinny. You do it by placing something like a drumstick or pieces of wood on the piano strings. It can be heard on ‘On My Own’. Zach had Nick playing in the big tracking room by himself and the rest of the band together in the control room of Phaedra when recording ‘As You Go’ & ‘Bicycle Man’, I guess that is slightly weird. I’m sure they both did some other weird techniques that we were oblivious to!

Any funny stories from the recording process that you can share (oversharing is caring)?

Nothing super hilarious - it was all pretty business when we were in the studio. Nick spent about 2 hrs trying to do a perfect drum fill for the intro to ‘The World Ain’t Too Far Away’, it’s pretty funny when you hear the one that made the cut. We did hit up the Coburg swimming pool after each session which provided many laughs too.

What’s the personal fave on the album and why?

Personally it’s ‘The World Ain’t Too Far Away’. But I think ‘As You Go’ is a good demonstration of the band mentality that we adopted for this album and has the best production.

Favourite lyrics?

Bicyle Man” x74

Was there a particular track that took longer to ‘get right’ than others?

They all came together pretty quickly. I think ‘I Was A Kid’ was probably the one which was the hardest to arrange, we ended up going with this big key change halfway through. I think it might be polarising for the listeners (laughs).

What would be the ideal place or setting to consume the album for the first time?

I would say in the control room of Phaedra Studio’s is the ideal place - as John has a bangin’ setup for listening! A nice, light-filled room with a decent sound system would also suffice.

What kind of stuff were you all listening to whilst writing/recording the album?

I delved a little deeper into some English stuff from the 60’s & 70’s like The Kinks & Kevin Ayers while writing this one. Also, The Buzzcocks.

Are there any significant events that have informed the album (whether political or personal)?

I think just not being very satisfied as a band after releasing our last record (due to a number of factors), was a real catalyst for us to get together and put our efforts into making something that we could all own a piece of. Lyrically or thematically there’s no real significant events though - there’s a bit more hope and happiness than our previous releases I think though!

Best ‘moment’ on the album? (Feel free to pop a timecode here, we wanna listen)

Hmm, not sure. Side A is super fast paced and heavy (for Crepes), I kind of like the moment on side A where ‘I Was A Kid’ (Track 5) starts and the chaos kind of settles.

Finally, is the finished album what you imagined it would be when you first started?

I think given the amount of time we actually spent in the studio (about 6 days) the album has exceeded our expectations. For something we made pretty quickly, I think it’s a decent listen. That is largely due to the production I think, John did a good job of breathing more life into our fairly basic songs!

Key Tracks: As You Go, High Time and Bicycle Man.

You can listen to the full album here.