Listen To Civic’s Latest Single ‘Pleasure’



Sometimes things slip between the cracks on release day, but you need to hear them regardless. So today, we’re giving you a polite little nudge to go and listen to the new Civic single ‘Pleasure’ (released late last week). Taken from their forthcoming 7” EP release Those Who No, it’s three minutes of hard-hitting, purposeful punk.

The Melbourne band are renowned for their captivating live shows, with April’s triumphant New Vietnam set to end up on various ‘best of 2018’ lists towards the end of the year. So, with that in mind, the odds are all in favour of this EP packing a powerful punch too. All hail the mighty Civic.

Those Who No is set for release 9th November via Anti-Fade (Aus/EU) and Famous Class (US/UK). Until then, dig in below.

Civic play the The Gaso on 29th November with L.A Suffocated + Sex Drive.