ALBUM PREMIERE: Ships Piano Return With Debut LP ‘Treehouse’



Ships Piano create hooky guitar-driven rock that’s bursting with frenetic energy and warm colloquial charm. Having recently returned from a two-year hiatus, the band have a newfound maturity that boasts both confidence and wisdom. With two (pre-hiatus) EP’s already under their belt, tomorrow they’re set to release their debut LP Treehouse via WAMD! Records. Today, we’re delighted to be providing you with it’s very first spin.

Recorded in a warehouse in Fairfield, the album is a collection of twelve short, sharp, well-layered tracks that pride themselves on jangly guitars and broad Aussie accents. Songwriters Seb Hoppen and Liam Moran craft honest lyrics and deliver them with a natural storytelling flow that borders on yelling, helping to convey the angst on which much of the album is built.

Ships Piano are able to effortlessly articulate a relatable state of anxiety on many of their tracks – four young adults weaving their way through the world. They reassure us that everything is fine on ‘I’m Not Angry’ but the rage continues with one of the standout tracks, ‘You Makes Me Dum’. Much of the album does find them returning to a calmer state, with beauties like ‘No Beers Just Brie’ and plenty of moments where spacious instrumentals and dreamy melodies do a lot of the talking. Press play below, and hear it for yourself!

How do you feel to be returning from a two-year hiatus? Has your sound changed much in that time?

We actually returned from our hiatus a while back but have only been playing sporadically and finishing off the album. We started the band very young, so I feel like the hiatus was a good thing for us and gave us a bit of a break because we’d been non-stop for quite a few years. I’d say our sound has remained mostly the same but given we started so young the lyrics and themes have probably gotten a bit less juvenile (not that it doesn’t slip in sometimes!)   

What does the normal Ships Piano creative process look like?

It can vary a bit but most of the time I (Liam) or Seb will bring a song or the skeleton of a song to the band and we’ll arrange it together. Everyone writes their own parts and contributes to the arrangement depending on the song.  

How long did your new album Treehouse take to bring to life?

The album took a long time, but it was very stop start. We started recording before our hiatus and had two years in between, then finished the album, mixed it and got it mastered when we started up again.  

Can you tell us a bit about the recording process for the album?

We recorded in a warehouse in Fairfield with Nick Treweek. It was mostly tracked live with a few overdubs. It was mixed by Paul Maybury and mastered by Casey Rice. 

What would you say are some of the 'standout' tracks on the album?

I think the singles are probably the standout tracks: ‘I’m Not Angry’, ‘Warmth of the Bar’ and ‘Joe’s Song’. 

What have you got planned as a band for 2019?

We’re going to start demoing our next album straight away and we’ll play some fun gigs over the summer. 

Don’t miss the ‘Treehouse’ album launch at Yah Yah’s on 24th November.

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