PREMIERE: Shrimpwitch Share Video For Explosive New Single ‘Leerers’

SHRIMPWITCH by Aimee Slates.

SHRIMPWITCH by Aimee Slates.

Georgi Goonsack and Kim Prawn aka Shrimpwitch, create thrashy, garage-punk belters that’ll stick with you for days. The duo deliver shrill vocals and groovy, surf-tinged instrumentals with an undeniable charm. Today, we’re delighted to be premiering their raucous new track ‘Leerers’.  

‘Leerers’ is the second single from their forthcoming debut LP, Gave Me The Itch. It’s powerful not just for its pace, but the frank and meaningful lyrics too. Georgi said of the track, “This 2 minute all killer banger is about trying to say no to creeps and leerers when you feel backed up against the wall. It is specifically inspired from two experiences I’ve had while performing in Shrimpwitch. So it's self-referential, in that when I'm performing live, I'm literally screaming at people that - ‘I'm not here for you to leer’. But through song! But I'm actually screaming at you - live!”

Their new single comes with a clever new clip too. The duo explained that the overall idea took quite a bit of time to develop, “It really came together once I did a bit of a pub-crawl and asked people at The Tote and Old Bar for their advice. If it wasn't for the terrific Grimm Sisters, I don't think the idea could have been foreseeable… they created a stunning massive eyeball, and mini eyeballs for the heinously absurd and hauntingly creepy lecherous villains that really activate the disturbing meaning of the song. It was very eerie and excellent on set.”

So drop the unpleasant gaze and let loose to the powerful punk below. Catch Shrimpwitch live at The Old Bar this Thursday 22nd November for the Leerers video launch, with support from Plaster of Paris, Mares and Piss Factory (details here).

Gave Me The Itch is set for release via Psychic Hysteria January 2019.

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