Eleven Songs To Get Psyched To By RAAVE TAPES

RAAVE TAPES by Lazy Bones.

RAAVE TAPES by Lazy Bones.

This coming Saturday, Newcastle’s Raave Tapes will bring their infectious punk anthems to Sydney to headline the Psyched As 1000 Festival. It’s going to be one dreamy affair with Sunscreen, Johnny Hunter, Moody Beach, Buddy Dingo (and more) taking to the stage. 

We thought we’d get you all warmed up for the occasion with some powered guidance from Raave Tapes, aka a list of all the songs they listen to to get them in the mood. So, get your tickets here and let off some steam below.


IDLES - ‘Never Fight A With A Perm’

This song is equal parts chaotic and cathartic. Once those drums cut through those chainsaw guitars you think you’re sold and then Joe Talbot’s lyrics come in and just honestly wow. special mention to lyrics like "You look like a walking thyroid, you’re not a man, you're a gland. You’re one big neck with sausage hands. Even your haircut's violent” with “Lets hug it out”. Positive punk at its absolute best.

The Pretty Littles - ‘Don Dale’

Parso’s lyricism here is at its absolute finest and it’s hard not to get fired up by the major issues this song addresses. Don’t tell anyone but I sort of, may have, accidentally (definitely) showed my Year 12 students this song and they absolutely loved it as much as l do. One kid described it as “Aussie pub rock but woke and catchy” and thats coming from a kid who wanted to use Lil Pump as their related text.

Angie McMahon - ‘Slow Mover’

Maybe one day I’m going to be in the shower crying, drinking a bottle of wine and belting this song out as loud as I can to help me get through something, iunno life wild sometimes hbu?? Look I don’t know if that will actually happen but if I’m in that situation there’s only one song that’s going to pull me through and it’s this damn masterpiece.


Gwen Stefani - ‘The Sweet Escape’ 

The line “It’s your fault you didn’t shut the refrigerator, maybe that’s the reason I’ve been acting so cold” is literally the ultimate example of weird flex but OK. 

The Mess Hall - ‘Pulse’

Absolutely adore the drive of this track *insert the deepest strut of all time*. 

Kwame - WHO DAT (ft. Phil Fresh)

Nothing gets me more pumped than hearing my friends going absolutely IN. Huge track. Huge nice people. 

Sweater Curse - ‘Don’t Call Me’

What better way to pump the hell up for a night out than listening to a track about the struggles of social anxiety? WOOO.


Johnny Hunter - ‘1995’

It's a ripper and we can't wait to see them at Psyched As. 

Ariana Grande - ‘No Tears Left To Cry’

Joab got us hooked on this. Can't not jump around and sing terribly to it. 

Protomartyr - ‘My Children’

Lew's showed us this as his 'let go of the stress' song. But it actually makes you want to raise your fist and get pumped for whatever's coming. 

Cherry Glazerr - ‘Nurse Ratched’

Most played song of 2017 because it literally raises my blood pressure and makes me grin like a maniac.

Psyched As 1000 Festival - Saturday 10th November, Portugal Madeira Club, Marrickville.

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