PREMIERE: David Western Shares Video For Charming Debut ‘Step On My Toes’



Melbourne-based artist David Western oozes authenticity. Earlier this month he released his debut single ‘Step On My Toes’, a gentle lo-fi folk track driven by off-kilter instrumentals and warm, honest lyricism. Today, we’re delighted to be premiering the video for Western’s debut single.

Written in his bedroom via one single microphone, there’s a real DIY charm that shines through in both Western’s sound and aesthetic. He said of the track, “It was going to have no drums on it either, but I showed it to my friend and co-producer Joe to see what he thought. He put some drums in that gave it this very subtle underlying groove throughout… the drums are my favourite thing in this song. I remember just sitting next to Joe while he was drumming, and I had these weird shells and was rattling them around in my hands, and you hear that in the recording too.”

The clip consists of old stock footage, curated and arranged by his manager Caitlin Reilly. The dated imagery is a nice reflection of both the slow, easy pace of the track, yet also speaks to the idea that time won’t stop for anyone, “The clock ticking by at the front of the video really hits home that time is going by constantly, and you’ve just gotta keep doing what you’re doing, or make a change somehow if you’re unhappy.” It’s simple, meaningful and heartfelt – and very much in line with his stunning songwriting ability.

Western is set to end 2018 recording new music with his band and producer Alex O’Gorman (Dan Parsons, Angie McMahon, Julia Jacklin). For now, take a moment to dissolve in the beauty below.

Catch him live at the below:

Saturday 17th November, Some Velvet Morning, Melbourne (supporting Gareth Leach)

Sunday 25th November, Workers Club, Melbourne (supporting Ruby Gill)

Sunday 9th December, Carlton Baths, Melbourne, (with Georgia Knight)

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