RENDEZVOUS: A Quick Catch Up With Time For Dreams

“We love and treasure our dark side. It feels good to express it, indulge it. We enjoy the arrogance of loneliness, we are very respectful of our own and each other’s sadness, angst, jealousy…”



If you’re after a fully immersive sonic experience, then you’ve come to the right place. Amanda Roff and Tom Carlyon aka Time For Dreams create charming, hypnotic beats that really live up to their chosen band name. The swirling synth will lure you in and the effortless vocals will trap you in a state of trance. Last week they released a new remix EP In Time Remixes, which sees them collaborate with some of their favourite local musicians. We had a mini catch up with lead singer Amanda Roff to chat about their latest release, their captivating live show and embracing their dark side.

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Your songs are so beautifully layered. What’s does the Time For Dreams creative process usually look like?

Tom starts with a beat, sometimes with an accompanying photograph. Tom has a strong visual idea of how the sounds look. I might start with some sort of obsession, another artist, a poem, a dream I’ve had, a novel, a building, a city, whatever. When we come together, we see which of our latest obsessions can meld, and form a joint vision of the song. When the basic beat and at least an outline of the lyric is there we get stuck into the details and start arranging the track.


With the new remixes EP, did you approach the featured artists? How did you curate the EP?

We just asked people whose work we admired and who we had played with around town. There are so many amazing original electronic artists working around town at the moment, you would never run out of people to collaborate with. This crew is very much a result of playing group shows and just standing there gobsmacked while they do their thing, waking up thinking about them and and hitting them up the next day. Hangover boldness!


Your sound already has an electronic element to it. What’s the best thing about having other musicians reinterpret your music?

It’s such a great experience, like if you went away for the weekend and someone with amazing taste redecorated the lounge room in a way that made your old furniture look beautiful and added all sorts of radical ornamentation. It’s exciting.


Whilst your music feels very dreamy, it does have a darker side too. Would you say making music is a means of therapy for you? How so?

 We love and treasure our dark side. It feels good to express it, indulge it. We enjoy the arrogance of loneliness, we are very respectful of our own and each other’s sadness, angst, jealousy etc. Therapy is a word that has certain connotations. I’m not into being cured. Dark side pride forever!!


You’ve both played in other bands before. How do you enjoy working as a duo? What’s the dynamic like?

It’s very romantic tbh. We love each other, we are grateful to each other. We feel super connected when we write and play. We share a very deep fantasy life in common.


How do you want people to feel when they walk away from a Time For Dreams show?

Transported. Like they’ve been somewhere. Comforted, like they can trust us. I want them to feel the pleasure and luxury of being brought a beautifully prepared icy cocktail on a hot evening, somewhere with a nice view.


Who are some local Melbourne musicians you’re loving at the moment?

Palm Springs, Mod Con, Fia Fell, Nina Buchanan, Sanpo Disco, Sui Zhen, Skydeck, Julia McFarlane’s Reality Guest, Deep Red, Mystery Guest, The Green Child, Regional Curse, Premium Fantasy, Shar Sharafi.


While this latest release is a fresh take on some of your existing music - can we look forward to more new music in 2019? What’s on the cards for next year?

A NEW ALBUM! It’s hovering in the abyss, crying to be born! Stay tuned!


You obviously have an ear for music. How do you go on the dance floor?

Ahhhh. We love to dance but the smoke machine has to be on full and the lights very, very low, like at the famous club night “Slow Grind Fever” that PBS FM DJ Richie 1250 puts on. That’s the ideal conditions. Or full moon on the deck of our yacht overlooking some fjords. I dance a lot like the 12 year old boy in that great vampire film Let The Right One In.

In the spirit of Christmas, Time For Dreams are also offering a special Chrissy merch bundle which you can grab here