PREMIERE: Melbourne's Constant Mongrel Share New Video For ‘Living In Excellence’



Melbourne four-piece Constant Mongrel made a powerful return in 2018 with their brilliant new LP Living In Excellence. Although fitting, the term ‘excellence’ is not a reference to the captivating punk sound that they’ve so modestly mastered, but a relevant piece of social commentary that’ll make you rethink your day to day living. Featuring members of Terry, Taco Leg, Woollen Kits and Nun, it’s an Aussie post-punk dream and we’re delighted to be premiering their latest video.

Shot and edited by bass guitarist Amy Hill, the video was created on a stop over from Sydney to Melbourne after the bands album launch in Sydney earlier this year. It’s a trippy little clip, which features various scalable shots layered upon one another - highlighting yet again our daily ignorance of excess. Hill said of the video, “The video was shot in Canberra, which for those outside of Australia, is the Capital city and where our parliament sits. The idea was based around the title of the song more than anything LIVING IN EXCELLENCE and includes shots of the National Gallery of Australia, the National Museum of Australia and University House.” 

The political undertones are delivered with subtlety, it’s a self-awareness that translates beyond the imagery and into their overall sound. Lead singer Tom Ridgewell detailed the track, “The song has three verses. The first is a general statement about young Australians (especially as white inner-city people) living under a log of ignorance in ‘excellence’. The second is about how we use the internet as a cloak to further our excellent lives and maybe references the shallow aspect of fashion and trends. Then the last verse is a reference as to us doing it all on stolen land and not acknowledging this.”

If you’re into well-thought-out fuzz and addictive, urgent instrumentals then you’re certainly in the right place. Get lost in the video below and stimulate a better version of yourself.

The Living In Excellence LP is out now via Anti-Fade (AUS) and La Vida Es Un Mus (UK/EU). Dig in.