PLAYLIST: Aussie Gems 2018

BODY TYPE / Photo credit: Nick McKinlay.

BODY TYPE / Photo credit: Nick McKinlay.

Thanks to Sydney trio Baby Beef, 2018’s motto became ‘Just Relax’ – a healthy mantra that we’re hoping continues into 2019. It’s been a big year for Australian music, with more and more international onlookers than ever. It’s true, everyone is digging what’s happening down under.

Local labels such as Bedroom Suck (albums from Cyanide Thornton and Good Morning were top shelf) and Anti-Fade (releases from Civic, Vintage Crop, Constant Mongrel and Parsnip) were also on heavy rotation. Chapter Music also brought the goods with huge albums from Laura Jean, School Damage and The Goon Sax dominating our playlists. Maybe it was the move from Sydney to Melbourne that opened our eyes to just how much goodness is circulating a little further down south, who knows. Then there’s Flightless Records who have been leading the way for a while now, with Amyl & The Sniffers stealing the show in 2018 – consistently delivering a powerful live performance that we believe is helping to break down plenty of barriers for women in music.

Other cities didn’t disappoint either – Sydney’s Dinasour City Records were ever-consistent with releases from Big White, Spike Vincent and Greenwave Beth (to name a few). Then there’s dream vocals from ladies like Julia Jacklin and Georgia Mulligan, plus some serious freshness from dream four-piece Body Type. Brisbane’s Sweater Curse made a lot of noise this year, with likely a very big 2019 ahead of them. You’ve got tracks from Perth favourites Hideous Sun Demon, Hobart’s The Native Cats and one absolutely incredible year from Arnhem Land’s Baker Boy (who also very deservedly scored himself NT’s Young Australian of The Year). Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten Moaning Lisa and Genesis Owusu from Canberra or Adelaide’s Tkay Maidza.

We’ve added a couple of honorary Aussies to the list too - Sampa The Great (Zambian born and Sydney-based) and Noughts (UK born and Melbourne-based).

In order of songs we’ve listened to the most (this is a guess) and songs you really need to take into next year with you, then there is our ‘Top 18’ Aussie tracks below. But of course, this is all subjective and every track on the playlist is there for a reason.

1. Julia Jacklin – ‘Body’

2. Cyanide Thornton – ‘Weight’

3. Baby Beef – ‘Just Relax’

4. Civic – ‘Street Machine Dream’

5. Parcels – ‘Bemyself’

6. The Goon Sax – ‘Make Time 4 Love’

7. Amyl & The Sniffers – ‘Cup of Destiny’

8. Baker Boy – ‘Black Magic’

9. Body Type – ‘Arrow’

10. Gabriella Cohen – ‘Music Machine’

11. Good Morning – ‘Escalator’

12. Jono Ma & Dreems - ‘Can’t Stop My Dreaming (Of You)’

13. Phantastic Ferniture – ‘Fuckin ‘n’ Rollin’

14. Terry – ‘Bureau’

15. Johnny Hunter – ‘1995’

16. Leroy Francis – ‘Comatose’

17. Georgia Mulligan - ‘So Long’

18. Planète – ‘Vectors’

For every other Australian banger born in 2018, please indulge in the 5.5 hour-long playlist below. We’ve no doubt missed a few so feel free to email us and keep us in the loop for next year. Happy holidays!


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