PREMIERE: Vintage Crop Share Charged New Single ‘Company Man’



Geelong four-piece Vintage Crop create persistent-punk built on off-kilter guitars, clever lyricism and an authentic Aussie charm. Earlier this year they gifted us their brilliant debut LP New Age and as luck would have it, they're already back with the announcement of a new 7” EP. It’s quite the speedy affair and we’re delighted to be giving ‘Company Man’ it’s very first spin.

At just one minute and fifty-four seconds, the title-track from their forthcoming EP provides a succinct and insightful social commentary on the mundanities of everyday life. While the crazed vocal delivery creates a real sense of urgency, the tight instrumentals help to organise the chaos at hand. Lead singer Jack Cherry said of the track, “Company Man (the song) was originally based on a co-worker at my old job, a guy who slowly morphed from someone similar to myself into a ‘workplace leader’. In other words, he was sucked into the gigantic blob of self-worship that my boss already occupied, 2 guys in 1 blob - imagine that.”

Recorded live to tape by Billy Gardner at the Cherry family home in Geelong, the stand-alone four-track release will detail the entire job cycle. That is: ‘starting a new job, walking into the office with a smile every day, realising that you don’t actually like the job, then growing to resent the job and yourself’. On their new single, Vintage Crop have managed to dissolve the frustrations of the corporate ego and channel it into something worthwhile; dreaming up another punk-pearler that’s bursting with contagious tension and frenetic energy. Albeit a short-lived escape.

The Company Man EP is set for release 18th January via Anti-Fade Records (Aus) and Drunken Sailor Records (UK). Until then, be prepared to listen to the below (at least) five times in a row.  

Now, get back to work please.

Deafen County