Each Sunday we'll be shining light on emerging artists who know how to keep things chill. No more scrounging around for something lovely to listen to on a Sunday - we've got you covered.

RICEWINE is the solo project of 18-year-old Melbourne local, Talae Rodden. He combines jazzy, laid-back beats with his warm vocal tone and sweet romantic lyrics. It's a stripped back DIY approach that allows him to shine as a multi-instrumentalist, rapper and singer.

Last month Rodden released his 'Mornings' LP which features collaborations with other artists including Brandon Eugene Smith (USA) and Oxpharm. It's a a beautiful journey that feels rather unique, the sound of birds singing features on nearly every track, voices and laughter drift somewhere distant in the background, sometimes it's guitar driven, at other times the piano leads the way. It's really something special, check it out below.

Key tracks: Classic, Dreams / Nightmares, Mornings.



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