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Each Sunday we'll be shining light on emerging artists who know how to keep things chill. No more scrounging around for something lovely to listen to on a Sunday - we've got you covered.

This week's Sunday chiller sits less on the lovely side and more on the gritty side of the spectrum. While there's plenty of pretty, shining bouts of guitar throughout, Spike Vincent's new album is a darker, more indulgent sound to sit back and relax to.

The album was recorded live at Damien Gerard Recording Studios in Balmain, adding to both it's raw and theatrical appeal. Vincent's commanding songwriting ability, warm lo-fi approach and natural Australian charm is present throughout the entire album. It's extremely enjoyable listening and it's out now via Burger Records and Dinosaur City Records.

The Sydney tape launch was last week but if you're in Melbourne get down to the Grace Darling Hotel on Sunday 4th March. 

Key tracks: Launceston, Lie In The Dust and Faded.

Deafen County