Watch Stella Donnelly's Powerful New Video For 'Mechanical Bull'

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The outrageously talented Stella Donnelly has shared a new video for 'Mechanical Bull', taken from 2017's debut EP Thrush Metal. The video also comes with the news that she's signed to US label Secretly Canadian, alongside some of the worlds best indie musicians. And if you've seen this woman live, then you know the hype is real.

Donnelly's captivating vocals and unapologetic wit lay the foundations for her unique sound. Her music is not only sonically pleasing, but it has purpose too. Her social commentary on topics from Tinder to rape are strong examples of how powerful it can be when a young woman is prepared to tackle tough topics, and ultimately offer people an insight into the state of the world via a young female gaze.

Shot in New Zealand and directed by Charlotte Evans, the video directly reflects the way Stella Donnelly uses humour to highlight these very real issues. If it's tongue in cheek, it's far more palatable for wider audiences to engage and respect what she's saying. Most young women have worked in hospitality at some point, and most young women have dealt with inappropriate comments or abuse at said hospitality job.

This feels like a big middle finger to the people that think they can.

All Hail Stella Donnelly.



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