DZ Deathrays Share Joyous New Video For 'Like People'

Bloody Lovely.jpg

Brisbane duo DZ Deathrays released their third album Bloody Lovely last week, and it appears it might just be the gift that keeps on giving. Today they've shared the video for 'Like People' and we dare you not to enjoy it. It features *drumroll* the red Wiggle himself, Mr. Murray Cook.

Fitting into the DZ vibe like a natural, it sees Murray adventure through an old hall with his signature hot potato moves (which are still top notch btw), only to end up becoming the long lost third member of the band. Too good to be true.

It's a cracker of a song and now we've got a cracker of a clip to match it. Check it out for yourselves, Dorothy the Dinasour would be proud.



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