FYI: Ty Segall's 'Freedom's Goblin' Is Now Streaming On Spotify


Look, I still don't know how I feel about streaming services. I justify its use by investing in as much new vinyl as I can afford. Which is consistent, but not enough money to really let go of the way musicians are treated in 2018.

Music is art - it takes blood, sweat and tears to create an album and for a third party to profit directly off that... it just seems a little bit shit. But until we come up with some shiny new invention to ensure all artists are paid their worth, it's worth sharing the news that Drag City have now made their catalogues available of Spotify.

That means Ty Segall's album from earlier this year 'Freedom's Goblin' is now available to stream. His tenth studio album is a beautiful garage rock beast, bursting with persistent pop and it deserves all of your attention.

It also means Bill Callahan and Silver Jews will be available, however Joanna Newsom is not a fan and will not be available to stream (fair enough).

Stream below or purchase here.




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