Listen To Miya Folick's Empowered New Single 'Deadbody'

Miya folick.jpg

So the narrative goes, men are the strong ones. Miya Folick's latest single brings a new perspective to the table, showcasing the undeniable strength of the woman. Drawing on the experience of herself and her friends, the songs speaks to the abuser/s. 

Delivered with pure conviction, her lyrics, 'Don't tell your friends I'm a liar to convince them I'm insane' and 'I'm not powerless' hit hard. Whilst a beautfiul track as a whole, Folick's evocative vocals really are the leading force here. 

Folick explained of the single:

“I wrote ‘Deadbody’ after reading article after article about people’s exploitation by people and power structures, and then talking to my friends about our own heavy experiences. I felt defeated by the weight and pervasiveness of the system we are fighting. I needed something to sing that felt hopeful but fierce. I wanted to growl and be demanding and defiant. ‘Deadbody’ was meant for me and you to sing together, to make us feel empowered, strong, and exhilarated by our own resilience.”

It'll no doubt give you chills. Listen below.

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