Listen To Georgia Mulligan's Captivating New Single 'So Long'

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 20.14.14.png

Heartbreak, it sucks doesn't it. From sadness to anger, back to sadness again until you finally make it out the other end to laugh at the fact that you probably dodged a bullet anyway. It ain't pretty, but it has gifted us some of the most beautiful songs we know, including Georgia Mulligan's new single, 'So Long'. 

Mulligan’s latest track brings with it a whole heap of beauty, wrapped up in a big hit of darkness. Sticking to her normal routine of warm instrumentals and otherworldly vocals, things get a little more gritty towards the end. For a voice that already provides so much honesty, there’s a few heart-wrenching vocal moments towards the end that really hit you in the feels.

Soak it all up below.

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