PREMIERE: Sydney's Plum Shares Mesmerising New Track ‘Cool 2 Start’

PLUM by Deb Morgan.

PLUM by Deb Morgan.

Sydney artist Caleb Jacobs aka Plum creates blissed out, synth-driven pop, built on glittering guitar and gentle vocals. Today, we’re delighted to be premiering his latest single. 

Having spent much of last year touring and writing as guitarist for garage-rockers Julia Why?, ‘Cool 2 Start’ is his first solo offering for 2018. Stepping away from the grunge and diving a little further into the serene, the sweeping synth and lo-fi vocals manage to evoke a real sense of calm.

According to Jacobs, the song is a romantic one, “It's about the beginning of a relationship. That moment when you realise something more profound is taking shape and you can only surrender. Even the most mundane happenings transport you back to those first dreamy encounters." 

Jacobs has a knack for creating swirling atmospheric sounds that are beautifully crisp, but at the same time, not too polished. It’s a fine balancing act of spaciousness and well-layered instrumentals, obviously drawing upon his experience composing music for film. It’s this ability to perfectly capture the mood that feels so impressive, topped off with a warm effortless groove.

“Writing music for film has been a gateway for me to experiment and develop my own personal work - I’ve always had an interest in electronic production, but writing ambient scores definitely lead me down a path that eventuated in me consuming more electronic than guitar music. It’s the repetitive nature that appeals to me; locking into a groove and making subtle changes here and there. I guess that’s what ended up happening on Cool 2 Start.”

‘Cool 2 Start’ is out now through Turktown Records. Please, do yourself a favour and dig in below.

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