Mutual Benefit Announces New Album, Shares Two New Tracks

MUTUAL BENEFIT by Stephanie Griffin.

MUTUAL BENEFIT by Stephanie Griffin.

You can always trust Mutual Benefit to deliver the most beautiful of things. This week, mutli-instrumentalist and producer Jordan Lee has done exactly that, gifting us with two particulalrly pretty new tunes.

Pressing play on Mutual Benefit oftens means pressing pause on the rest of the world too. His ability to fully transport you to a more tranquil place is both effortless and smooth. The two new songs are taken from his forthcoming LP Thunder Follows The Light which is set for release later this year. He said of the album:

“Thunder Follows the Light speaks to the power of collective memory and all the ways we deal with the storms raging outside and inside of us... This was a hugely collaborative work with some of my favorite musicians.”

For now, please get lost in the below.