RENDEZVOUS: A Quick Catch Up With Crocodylus

"We will only write or work on a song that we each enjoy. The idea is that we have to like the song first before anyone else does and hope people like it and relate, rather than writing a song to please someone else."

CROCODYLUS by Jake Ollett.

CROCODYLUS by Jake Ollett.

Sydney's Crocodylus are a guaranteed good time. Their infectious garage rock is crisp, energetic and a little bit whack - just the way we like it. We had a mini catch up with guitarist and vocalist Stephen Sacco, to chat about their latest single 'My Love', making music on Sydney's Northern Beaches and his natural ability on the dance floor.

Please press play below before reading, the mood needs to be just right.

You guys have a really authentic garage rock sound. What’s the Crocodylus creative process like? Who writes the songs?

Our creative process has been pretty formulaic for about 2 years now. What would happen usually is, one member will bring the foundation of a song or sometimes the whole thing and show the band. Then each member adds their own unique flavour or creative ideas to see where we can take the composition.

Do you think building the Crocodylus crew from two to three has allowed you to explore a more dynamic sound? Or is the number of people in a band irrelevant?

Absolutely. Originally as a two-piece, myself and Josh would only be able to have one of us singing at a time and when we would write the guitar part, it would always just be power/bar chords. That type of writing gets tired and repetitive very quickly and can prevent or hold back on exploring riff ideas/melodies/solo’s because of the void without bass guitar in the wall of sound.

Can you tell us a bit about the recording process for your most recent single ‘My Love’?

Usually when we record a song, we have demo's prepared ready to work off ideas that potentially will or wont work, and what does work will make the end product. With ‘My Love’ though, we just booked a session for the day and smashed the song out over those few hours. We record the rhythm section of the track live together in the same room (drums, rhythm guitar, bass) and then over-dub lead guitar, vocals and whatever other ideas or instruments that we include on the track.

It’s a pretty infectious tune. What were some of the weirdest instruments or recording techniques you used?

We haven’t done anything too out of the ordinary yet, but I’m sure that's yet to come. If I could think of anything it’d be including an organ line for the second time on a Crocodylus tune (the other being ‘Tell You Once’).


You seem like fun dudes. Is there a trick to writing such carefree songs or is it just about trying to let things come a bit more naturally?

Even though I say it a fair bit, and it’s super corny, it’s really just passion and something each of us love to do. I’ve heard songwriting being called a “habit” before, might’ve been Paul McCartney but I’m not certain. But that really sums it up I believe. Also we will only write or work on a song that we each enjoy. The idea is that we have to like the song first before anyone else does and hope people like it and relate, rather than writing a song to please someone else. So yeah, the writing comes naturally.

Things get pretty wild and sweaty when it comes to live shows. What do you want people to feel when they walk away from a Crocodylus show?

That they enjoyed themselves and enjoyed the music. If we’re putting smiles on faces and lifting spirits then we’ve done our job.

It does feel as though your sound could slot in pretty easily in the USA. If you could make music anywhere else in the world where would it be/why?

If it were up to me, the UK. I’m obsessed haha, all my heroes and favourite artists come from there.

What's the music scene like on the Northern Beaches these days? Could it benefit from a few more live venues or is it doing just fine?

I think that's what is really killing the scene on the Northern Beaches. There are nearly no venues to play, so where is the encouragement for youngsters to get together and play in a band if there is nowhere to play or nowhere to start?

Who are some local Sydney bands you're digging at the moment?

This is always hard because I don’t like to leave people out. Off the top of my head I’d say Rosa Maria, Pist Idiots, Nick Nuisance and the Delinquents, Imperial Broads, Jim Mitchells, DJ Goodboy.

Finally, you obviously have an ear for music, how do you go on the dance floor?

Get a few in me and I’m unstoppable. Stone Cold Steve Sacco. Also don’t let me wear fancy wooden soles or there will be endless tap dancing. Long story…