Miya Folick Shares Yet Another Magical Hit With 'Stock Image'

Miya Folick.png

Miya Folick is at it again; forever embracing reality and sharing one of the most beautiful and honest versions of herself via song. This time it's with her new single 'Stock Image', which will feature on her forthcoming debut album, produced by Justin Raisen.

Speaking of the new track, she shared her thoughts via a press release, "Stock Image is the conversation you have with yourself when you’re feeling lost and your colour has faded. When you’re too focused on inhabiting a certain image and then suddenly you realise your insides are empty, that you’re just a frame. I wrote it from a place of feeling shallow and gray and wanting to feel Full! Deep! Vibrant! I hope it makes you feel lush and coloured in."

Extremely lush indeed.

Deafen County