PREMIERE: NYC’s Navy Gangs Share Charged New Single ‘Awkward Exchange’



Navy Gangs will have you hooked with their fuzz-infused garage rock. Originally from Omaha, the now New York-based band are busy charming everyone with their infectious DIY sound. Today, we’re very pleased to be premiering their latest single ‘Awkward Exchange’.

It’s the third single from their forthcoming debut LP and it’s bursting with passion and anxious energy. The moment you feel like you’ve settled in to the dreamy slacker vibes, the tempo dramatically shifts, and the original state of unease takes on a newfound confidence.

Lead singer and songwriter Matthew Tillwick said of the track, “The recording process for this song was really fun. We basically recorded two songs then cut them together, which is how the demo was originally recorded on the computer. It makes for a cool change in tone and feel. It’s one of the older songs on the album, so it’s good to see it finalised.”

On 'Awkward Exchange', Navy Gangs really allow the instrumentals to do a lot of the talking. Kind of like that friend that doesn't say much, but when they do speak, you listen intently. The band generally explore somewhat darker themes around loneliness, and the often-complex experience of simply trying to make sense of the world in 2018. But they offer a brighter alternative too – the glimmering guitars and warming percussion evoke a real sense of hope. It’s this raw, DIY approach that makes their sound feel so authentic.

Their debut album Poach is set for release 3rd August via Dinasour City Records (Aus) and Modern Sky USA. Until then, bliss out to the below.

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