PLAYLIST: Best Noise June



So, that's half of 2018 over and luckily for us, the last six months have been a real good time (musically). We'll be sharing our favourite album releases of the year this week, but for now get stuck into some of the goodness that came our way in June.

Also, I'm not sure if we're right or wrong, but Chaka Khan's latest track feels like a summer t-u-n-e.

IN THE FEELS: 'The Dark' by Georgia Mulligan + 'Stock Image' by Miya Folick..

ON REPEAT:  'Same Face in a Different Mirror' by Protomartyr + 'The Rat Is Back' by Deaf Wish.

MAKE YOU MOVE: 'Like Sugar' by Chaka Khan + 'DTF' by Christopher Port.

LOCAL LOVE: 'Supermoon' by The Babe Rainbow + 'Space Between The Planets' by ORB.

Deafen County