PREMIERE: Brendon Moon Shares Enchanting New Single ‘Blue Moon’



Is it just me, or do songs that drift around the six-minute mark tend to have some added element of magic? It’s as though they’re afforded that little bit more time to fully do their thing. It’s this sense of freedom that shines through on Brendon Moon’s new single ‘Blue Moon’ – and we’re very pleased to be providing its first spin.

Originally from the Whitsundays, the Sydney-based singer-songwriter creates stunning soundscapes, drenched in delicate vocals and warm percussion. We were first introduced to his music earlier this year via his beautiful single ‘Patience’, and now he’s delivered the goods again.

His latest track is a dreamy offering of folk-rock that starts out soft, and eventually builds into a swirling ball of melodic fuzz. While the lush, well-layered instrumentals do a lot of the talking, it’s his angelic voice that really draws you in. It’s the kind of breezy listening that will effortlessly transport you into another realm. 

Moon said of the track, “The song naturally had developed this mystical and lunar feel to it so we kind of stuck to that theme. There's no direct meaning behind the song and it’s open to interpretation, like most of my songs. But what I did imagine when writing it was this happy-go-lucky, individualistic character who ventures life on their own. Only to find themselves isolated over time and wind up longing for close company.”

Brendon Moon’s debut album is set for release early 2019. Keep an eye out for tour dates too, because this is an artist you’re going to want to experience properly in a live setting. Until then, get lost in the beauty below.

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