PLAYLIST: Best Noise July



Alright, so we’re officially operating in the second half of 2018, and what a month it has been. Don’t quote me, but this might be our best monthly playlist *yet*. It’s a real mixed bag of both established and emerging musicians, covering various genres (just the way we like it).

Every track is well worth a listen, but there’s a few honourable mentions below.

IN THE FEELS: ‘Interstate’ by Rabbit Island + ‘Habitual Love’ by Okay Kaya.

ON REPEAT: ‘Past The Building’ by Gundelach (ginla Remix) + ‘Bemyself’ by Parcels.

MAKE YOU MOVE: ‘Quick Eternity’ by Daniel Avery (Four Tet Remix) + 'The Hum' by Spring King.

LOCAL LOVE: 'Don’t Say You’re Moving to Melbourne' by Murray Darling + ‘Better Yet’ by Baby Beef.

Deafen County