Johnny Hunter Share Powerful New Clip For ‘1995’

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 1.54.21 pm.png

If you’re yet to hear the new single from Sydney band Johnny Hunter, then you’d best listen up. This one will really make you sit up and pay attention. Today they’ve also shared a video that further encapsulates the intensity of their endeavour.

Shot and directed by Declan Arrighi, the video was filmed in the lounge room of a friends share house in Petersham. It’s sees lead singer Nick Hutt stare down the barrel of the camera with pure conviction; a confidence that stems out of a relatable frustration with the ‘millennial condition’.

Speaking of the track, the band said it’s, “Fast, fun, but ultimately bleak in its appraisal of the confusion and simulacrum-oriented living in which we find ourselves, the songs as much of an excuse to kick it out and jump around as it is a raised eyebrow to where we will all end up when the dust settles.”

‘1995’ is out now via Break Even Recordings. Indulge your senses below.

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