Eight Artists You Need To See At Bigsound 2018

CANDY by Briana Davis.

CANDY by Briana Davis.

Next week, Brisbane will become the place to be. People from all around the country (and the world) will flock to Brissie to see what’s good in Australian music. There’s a huge line up of speakers and musicians in attendance, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the artists you simply should not miss.

With much of the world looking to Australia for the best in new music, it really is an exciting time to be making music down under. In no particular order:


Prep yourself for the Candy charm. This easy, breezy pop will win you over in a heartbeat (and be stuck in your head  for days post-Bigsound).


Perth rapper Arno Faraji drops effortless rhymes over the smoothest of electronic beats. Having just collaborated with REMI and Sensible J on his latest track, this is bound to be one high energy show.



If you’re in the mood to unwind, then Bin Juice will be there to help you. Their slow, sensual jams will take you from ten to zen, all the while maintaining a subtle hip hop edge.



Melbourne trio Loose Tooth released a new album this month and it’s absolutely delightful. Filled to the brim with pretty harmonies and persistent drums, this show is one you’re going to groove to.



Emerson Snowe is one of a kind. Glittering guitar and heartfelt vocals often lead the way in what is a particularly dreamy, sonic experience.



Hailing from Canberra, Moaning Lisa create fuzz-drenched rock with purpose. Their lyrics are intelligent and their guitars are loud.



There’s no denying we’ve been on the G. Mulligan bandwagon for quite some time now. The Sydneysider’s voice is absolute heaven, and even better when consumed in a live setting.



Ah, the band of the moment - sweater curse. We caught them a few weeks back in Melbourne and their live show certainly lives up to the hype. Enjoy.

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