PREMIERE: Maroota Joe Deliver Huge New Single 'Earth'



Sydney four-piece Maroota Joe will blow you away with their hard-hitting, melodic rock. Built on massive riffs and dynamic instrumentals, their latest single is an intense journey from start to finish, and we’re delighted to be providing its very first spin.

‘Earth’ is the second single from Maroota Joe’s forthcoming seven-track EP Plastic Soul. Recorded at Sydney’s Studio Bleus last year, the band spent a week in studio perfecting their guitar tones and mastering their ‘evil’ sound. If the first two tracks are anything to go by, we have a whole lot more fuzz-infused chaos to look forward to. Organised chaos, that is - it might be wild but it’s incredibly tight.

Lead singer and guitarist, Scruffy said of the track, “Earth is about how life is a constant struggle with conflict in all shapes and sizes… In our band we are constantly engaging in conflict as to what part should go where, whether a part is any good or not, or whether or not the Seinfeld intro was played on a real bass guitar or a synth. Things can sometimes get quite heated, but it’s absolutely vital to making the music what it is, and it means that only the best quality shit makes the cut.” It’s loud, nostalgic and full of groove.

 The Plastic Soul EP is set for release late 2019. Until then, buckle yourselves in and get lost in the below.

This is one live show you don’t want to miss. Maroota Joe kick off their East Coast tour next month. Details below:

Marrota Joe tour poster.jpg