PLAYLIST: Tour Tunes By 100 + Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents



Last week, two of Sydney’s finest noise makers, 100 and Nick Nuisance & The Delinquents kicked off their joint tour to celebrate the release of their split 7” ‘Head/Ratchet’. It’s a speedy affair, filled with bold punk energy and endearing Aussie vocals – a match made in heaven really. This is going to be one hell of a live show, so press play below and get yourselves in the mood with their ultimate ‘Tour Tunes’ playlist:

How did the split 7" come about?

NN&TD: Well, it was just like honey to the bee. 100 rule and we’ve known each other for a while so it was only natural.

100: I recall Nick Nuisance & the Delinquents mentioning something about a tour. I said we should do a split 7' to go with the tour. Everyone vibed it, now here we are!


Who's always guilty of taking over the aux cord?

NN&TD: We only have a CD player in the car, so I guess we’re all innocent!

100: Definitely Rowen.

What's the ultimate pre-show song to listen to?


100: I'm terrible with ultimates of favourites. The 80's would be a good era for it though. I'd go either way with something hard hitting (Metallica, Motorhead etc) or feel good pop (Simple Minds, A Flock of Seagulls). I've just remembered that ‘Panama’ by Van Halen really does wonders to the pre-show psyche.

What's the ultimate post-show/wind down song?


100: Again, bad with the favourites but for some reason ‘Rich Girl’ by Daryl Hall & John Oates comes to mind. Winds you down but keeps you feeling good.

What show are you most looking forward to this tour and why?

NN&TD: Old Bar in Melbourne. Favourite room to play in Oz and there’s heaps of cool cats around.

100: All of them really. Obviously Sydney at Marrickville Bowlo was a right hoot, but also stoked to be playing new places!


What's the best thing about getting to go on tour with one another?

NN&TD: We can’t wait to see what 100 are like after a few days of tour. How will they hold up? What are they like in the morning? Grumpy? We’ll soon find out. We’ll get to know 100 2.0.

100: Oh man, it's going to be hilarious!


Finally, what’s the ultimate petrol station snack?

NN&TD: One part fresh air, one part Twirl.

100: Passionfruit Kombucha and one of those little cheese and biccy packs they usually have in the sandwich fridge.

The split 7” is available here via Good Enough. Tour dates below:

31st January - The Cambridge Hotel - Newcastle

1st February - The Northern - Byron Bay

8th February - Rad Bar - Wollongong

14th February - Old Bar - Melbourne

15th February - The Eastern - Ballarat

21st February - The Bearded Lady - Brisbane

22nd February - Vinnies Dive - Southport

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