VIDEO PREMIERE: Submerge Yourself In The New Olivia’s World Clip For ‘Blotter’

Olivia’s World.

Olivia’s World.

If you’re after some bright DIY-pop to kick start your week, then you’ve come to the right place. Last month Olivia’s World released their second single ‘Blotter’ - a charming track that sees a golden clash of jangly guitars, upbeat drums and gritty bass. Today, we’re very pleased to be premiering the accompanying visuals.

Originally from Brisbane, lead-singer Lica Rezende moved to Vancouver for a two-year sabbatical in 2017. It’s there, where by chance, she met a friend of indie-pop royalty Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap, The Softies, Go Sailor, Knife Pleats). After telling the story of her and her boyfriend (bassist Joe Saxby) needing a drummer for their band, he put them in touch and voila – Olivia’s World was born. In 2018, the trio recorded six-tracks together at Terry and Jordan Koop’s The Noise Floor studio in Gabriola Island. Five of those tracks now make up their forthcoming EP that will be released later this month on Seattle’s brilliant Lost Sound Tapes.

Whilst the project itself is a unique coming together of two different worlds; 90s inspired indie-pop with a touch of Australiana – the lead single ‘Blotter’ details a mood of disconnection. Rezende said of the track, “The song is a big metaphor about feeling disconnected from the world. I was feeling particularly disenfranchised at the time. I like it when I can interpret a song my own way though, so I hope people can project their own experience onto it.” Likely a theme that most can relate to in 2019.

Even if the lyrics are a true reflection of the somewhat bleak reality we all exist in, the new video is far sunnier. Self-directed and shot by Saxby, the clip spans four different scenes all based around the central theme of water: ‘alien girl, tree top girl, bath girl and water park girl’. “The idea for alien girl was the movie Signs (with Mel Gibson) where water glasses save the family from being destroyed by aliens. There’s a scene where they’re all wearing tin foil hats which as you know can protect you from threats such as mind control and mind reading. My Mum is obsessed with aliens and the reptilian race. But anyway, I wanted the four scenarios to be quite contrasting but also tie in with each other. Tina (who’s in the band) said the end product has the ‘Australian good band vibe’ so I guess I’m happy with it!”

Speaking of Tina, the trio are now an Aussie four-piece. Adding two new live members to combat distance and keep the band alive in an Australian setting. The debut Olivia’s World EP is set for release 25th October via Lost Sound Tapes. You can pre-order the tape here and for any lucky Queenslanders, you can catch them live at Sonic Sherpa Records on 23rd November. Until then, hydrate yourself with the below.

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