PREMIERE: Luke Spook Takes A Trip Back In Time On New Single ‘Happen To Me’



Wollongong’s 60s-inspired wizard Luke Spook (of Pinheads fame) is back with a new hit of melting psych-folk. The multi-instrumentalist effortlessly nods to the past on all of his tracks, with reverb-soaked country twangs and melodic vocals leading the way. You can always rely on a beautiful arrangement from Spook, and today we’re very pleased to be premiering his latest release.

‘Happen To Me’ is the second single from his forthcoming debut LP Small Town. Following on from the brilliant lead and title-track, this one slows things down a notch; really leaning into the crooning sounds of classic 70s folk-rock. Spook said of the track, “I guess it’s just about different situations you might find yourself in and being aware of the situations everyone else might be going through. It could be taken as being receptive to experiencing things with an open mind - for better or worse. Maybe there’s themes of sympathy, empathy and self-pity with a dash of optimism.” It easily connects – breezy, well-layered folk with a modern twist.

Touching on some old favourites for inspiration, Spook said he was listening to some classics at the time of recording: Dylan, Neil Young, Gene Clark, The Dead. The list goes on. But trying to evoke that depth of sound ain’t easy, “I played all the instruments on this track, although I was really going for that everybody-live-in-the-room sound which was kind of difficult to replicate. I let all the tracks play through speakers while I did overdubs so it’d pick up that layer of room sound that you get with a live band. This was the first song of mine I ever did pedal steel guitar on, it’s subtle and a bit out of tune but it’s in there. I was feeling very folk-rocky.” A DIY rawness that really brings a genuineness to everything he does.

Listening to Luke Spook is a timely reminder to slow down, take a step back and bask in some sunny tunes. Small Town is set for release next month via Third Eye Stimuli. Until then, immerse yourself in the below.


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