Georgia Mulligan & Tesse Team Up For Heartfelt New Single ‘Over Now’

Tesse Georgia M.jpg

This week, two of Sydney’s most precious voices Georgia Mulligan and Tom Stephens (aka Tesse) released their collaborative single, ‘Over Now’. It’s as heartbreaking as it is beautiful, weaving effortlessly between their gorgeous vocal tones and soft, warming percussion.

The project stemmed from both a natural creative connection between the two, and a desire to challenge themselves outside of their own solo endeavours. Georgia Mulligan said of the collab, “It gets exhausting focusing solely on your own creative pursuits. It’s refreshing diving into someone else’s headspace and seeing how they tackle the creative process.” Rest assured, the outcome is just as refreshing for us, as the process is for them.

The two talented pals will be launching the new single next month in both Sydney and Melbourne. Dates below:

Thursday 21st March - Golden Age Cinema (Sydney)
Saturday 23rd March - Some Velvet Morning (Melbourne)