RENDEZVOUS: A Quick Catch Up With Good Boy


Brisbane’s Good Boy create politically charged punk that’ll lodge itself inside your brain. It’s catchy, meaningful and bound to make you move. We had a quick catch up with the band ahead of their CRF single tour in April. They’re authentic, passionate and to the point - both on and on the stage.

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Good Boy run a very tight musical ship. Would you say you’re perfectionists when it comes to getting a song right?

Not at all. Most of our songs come together pretty quickly and easily. If a song doesn't feel good at the start we'll move onto a new idea. 

You released your latest single ‘CRF’ late last year. Can you tell us a bit about the messaging behind that track?

CRF stands for nothing, not unlike all round dislikeable bloke and pig in a wig, the dishonourable Joe Hockey. This absolute scumbag spends tax payer money on fancy food and plonk. He is a bit of a shit political figure and has little backbone. 

Your music is often described as being ‘politically charged’. How important is it to address relevant issues via the power of music? Do you think people do it enough nowadays? 

I think music is a great tool to do so. A lot more artists are writing about political issues nowadays, because their impact on us is a lot more prominent. 

What’s the Good Boy creative process like? Who writes the songs?

Recently the songs we've written have been written all together in the studio. It usually starts with a guitar riff. Rian will do vocals after the bed of the song is recorded. 

How has the addition of bassist Marli Smales change the dynamic of the band? Is it better having four people instead of three or just different?

Having Marli is great. She's slotted in very easily, and in a good way it feels like nothing has changed. We were already good mates so it's been an easy transition. 

Who are some local Brissie artists you’re loving at the moment?

Lying Down, Asha Jefferies, WAAX. 

You’ve just announced your tour in support of ‘CRF’. What do you want people to feel when they walk away from a Good Boy show?

Come see the supports. Have a good time. Don't be an idiot. Buy some merch. 

It's been a little while since you've done a big tour - what can audiences expect? We hear there's some horns?

You'll just have to come along to find out. 

Don’t miss out on the Good Boy goodness below:

Thursday 4th April - The Bird - Perth

Friday 5th April - The Aardvark - Fremantle

Friday 12th April - The Tote - Melbourne

Thursday 18th April - The Lansdowne - Sydney

Friday 26th April - Woolly Mammoth - Brisbane

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