Baker Boy Hits The Spot Again With New Video For ‘Cool As Hell’

Baker Boy.jpg

Fresh off the back of being coined Young Australian of The Year, Danzal Baker, aka Baker Boy has dropped an excellent new clip for his joyous banger ‘Cool As Hell’. Baker had a massive 2018, using his talents to keep his Indigenous culture alive by rapping in Yolngu Matha. It’s also proving to be a powerful way to educate non-Indigenous Australians too. Great music with a powerful outcome, what more could you want.

Directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos, the new clip takes us on a carefree journey around the streets of Sydney, successfully capturing an upbeat, empowering mood – everything that Baker Boy exudes. Gasparinatos explained, “I wanted to map Danzal’s journey and visualise how a young boy from Arnhem Land made it onto (and is now dominating) the world stage, in a charming and excitable way.”

The video also features an appearance from Baker Boy’s father Josiah, and brother Adam. Again, adding to the wholesome and infectious charm that is Baker Boy. Dig in below.