PREMIERE: Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice Share New Video For ‘It’s Alive’



If you like clever post-punk that doesn’t take itself too seriously then you’d best get to know Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice. Built on sharp lyricism and off-kilter guitars, it’s a refreshing hit of musical madness and we’re very pleased to be premiering the equally crazed video for ‘It’s Alive’.

Dougal Shaw, the brains behind the self-proclaimed ‘peculiar’ project started the Unusual Practice as a solo endeavour late last year. It’s since turned into a four-piece band featuring Jake Suriano (Hideous Sun Demon), Miranda Holt (Hyla) and Jack Mccullagh (Hot Sludge Fundae). That’s three additional players to help harness the weirdness and deliver one particularly tight live show.

Their latest video sees Dr. Sure slowly morphing into a handheld device, eventually becoming trapped inside. While there’s humour in the political, witty approach, the idea is also somewhat frightening and all too relatable. Shaw said of video, “It's the semi-autobiographical story of a human who turns into a smartphone limb by limb, and ultimately the whole human race turning into devices. Humanity is lost, who's in control? The song has a pretty solid narrative, so it was just about putting that into visuals in an absurd/surreal way, and with some kind of dark humour so the reality of the situation doesn't get you down.” The overall sound is full of intrigue and leaves you wanting much, much, more. Addictive perhaps? How fitting.

The It’s Alive/Busy Bigness physical cassettes are out now via Marthouse Records. Don’t miss Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice at their launch shows this week in Melbourne (Thursday at The Tote) and Sydney (Friday at Botany View). Until then, you can fear the future below.