Sister Saviour, The God Damn Rapture Are Getting Back Together



Yep, you read correctly, noughties dreamboats The Rapture have announced that they are getting back together. The band broke up back in 2014, taking a break to focus on some important things outside music, like family and mental health.

Lead singer, Luke Jenner said in a statement of Facebook, “We went to therapy, we talked it out, it’s still a little weird, but I couldn’t do it if I didn’t feel like it was gonna be some kinda personal progress. Anyway, I hope there is a long future for us and we can build something new. Maybe you will join us someplace along the way again.”

The band play Brooklyn’s Music Hall of Williamsburg in April, and Just Like Heaven Festival in Long Beach on 4th May. The Rapture have provided some of our best live musical memories, so we couldn’t be happier, let’s just hope a trip down under is on the agenda. For now, we’re revisiting a few personal favourites such as the below:

Deafen County