PREMIERE: Gonzo Go Next Level Cactus In New Video For ‘Never Say Never’



It’s the weekend and it’s time to get weird with Geelong rockers, Gonzo. The four-piece create urgent, fuzz-fuelled rock that’s delivered with absolute precision. Their latest track ‘Never Say Never’ is the second single from their highly anticipated sophomore LP Do It Better Again, which is set for release later this month. While the new track exceeds all sonic expectations, the band have announced that they now need to focus on more urgent plant-based matters.

It’s a complex issue, which is why Gonzo have dedicated their latest video to an in-depth investigation. “The video came to life through Doctor Matsumoto, an ingenious biochemical analyst and engineer, who's scientific prowess gave birth to four cacti seedlings devoted to finding out how cognitive function works, through real time. This is basically a case study,” the band explained. Gonzo were the chosen ones, “Following these events in the name of science, Hashimoto* (real name) instructed two local talents to lead an on-going documentation of field research. Guy Tyzack, an up and coming ocular instructor, and Lucas Haynes, an immersive visual co-ordinator, followed suit, providing video evidence that man and nature combined are a force of primitive inception.”

While limited by their prickly aesthetic, the song (and video) is all about never giving up – “even if you’re a plant and you don’t have any arms or legs or even a brain. Somewhere along the line blessed help such as SCIENCE always has your back.” Profound-punk-rock to please all of your senses.

Gonzo will soon revert back to focus on more important musical matters with the release of Do It Better Again on March 29th via Anti Fade Records (pre-order the album here). Dig in to the scientific madness below.

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